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Shipping & Returns

Aloha to our online store!
1. EMS usually give. Delivery time 6-8 days.
2. Make sure that the rate on the address bar of the ship to leave your phone number in the email. If you use an email address and email updates, please enter your information Inspection acquisitions. 3. The runtime package is usually about 6-8 days, depending on the browser to enable change management in the office on vacation and post. If there is a delay, you have to have more patience. 4.shipping Policy:
We offer national forms delivered worldwide and online ho'okolo'ana number, name, and give recommendations. You can track the work. Ems website: a http://www.ems.com.cn/
Enter your phone number to find your country komo'ana this site, you can see the progress.
E'olu'olu will hesitate to contact us.
By using our website, on the back of the tongue and teachers e'ae web strategy. Before you buy one, read all men need to be careful. Websites will not be the end of the Company is responsible for all customer's right to be exploited! I understand, thank you.

Normally, if the new products and services in order to 24 -71 before the beast. The company will continue to change the category, are all products in the price, remember that it can not guarantee to buy the site. If they sell, please email us immediately by e-mail, enter a valid email address in the mail for them. If the product is not part of, need 2-3 days to get orders.

And all our products EMS, USPS, DHL and TNT. You can then keep track of the situation, is the number of mail ho'okolo'ana ho'okolo'ana method and send your order.

exchange and redemption policies
The reason for this is that open. I can send commands to the object (s) are wrong. The product was (i) / loss. It is within 24 hours prior to shipment, please, please contact us. November kōkua'oe to come later.

Item (s) that is rich, the priest, who will test the project on the other hand / in this case is inappropriate. Otherwise, remember that you need to send items to you that our garages.

The continuation of the program, the new organization of the project and more. We will send $ 35 for the new program with you. That please relationship with our deposits.

Return Policy
Hewa'ikamu if e'olu'olu get in touch with us within 24 to 48 hours to get the package. November kōkua'oe to come later. White Paper will be accepted (the back or reload) delivery. If you do not like the product, the customer will pay garages and transportation costs back.

We wonder. "Press box shelf." No need to install wale'ikamu send a box outside Papanui independent. If you have questions, (impossible to return direction) e'olu'olu contact us.

He was sent to you, but please get in contact with animals before.
Hawaii hotspot, which can make the product to see how it was put on the need to change the program and close the door. Should win again retancables rules, and sending the request made by the card will be returned to the client. The buyer paid ship the product to the store public will be sent back ho'ohui'ia all tasks. We pay 30% of the total purchase cost. Ana ownership documents to the satisfaction of the card, which was released shortly after.