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Privacy Notice

Welcome to the! Privacy statement visitor privacy is a commitment. The following text is to develop and use the General site data protection policy provides an extension on my site and we time privacy policy update. In you announced at any time.
Testament (hereinafter referred to as "the agreement") in accordance with the personal information of our Web site, we will accept, a personal statement, and the Declaration on the agreement on data sharing information agree that all terms and conditions.

The user name and password
If registered users, select a user name and password is the password question and answer, you have lost your password, so that you can verify your identity. You can send your password in the account only. Leak your password, you may lose your personal information and may result in legal action against you. That is why as soon as the reason for the compromise, regardless of the password, please contact us.

Registration information
When you register as a user by filling in the application form. Your name, address, nationality, telephone number, and e-mail address in the application for registration. If you are a business customer, company, phone number and address, business services and products, you can ask for a brief description. At the same time, you have the opportunity to fill in the other information. information on the provinces, company, time zones, and the numbers, fax number, home and Office. The user's registration we will use this information to get the statistics. New services to our clients, which is aimed at the use of statistics to classify users. Email address, information about this new service.

The behavior of the
Our IP address tracking is the only security features. We can find no safety problems, we need to remove IP address quickly. Visit the historic data. The amount of daily traffic to your site, access to the page (for example, because other servers) for the future development of the design.

Not an offer to sell your personal information to a third party, rent, Share, third parties and the one who loves children and the island's sites and user end up come and get all the information together in one place is prohibited, unless the user, for example, of the trade. If we adopt the law, according to the Government data, or to release information in good faith.

On our website we have a missed catch data is not misused or altered, in order to ensure that the appropriate security measures. Back up your data to other servers and passwords will be encrypted, this security measures. While us security measures, keep in mind that "perfect security" on the Internet.

Edit the data in a
Personal information and passwords, or updates (after logging in) to change the Nanny Home-Insel.

Please contact the
This privacy statement or the privacy practices of child-like purposes, and use the clues and the Insel comments, please contact us.